Rich Mans Saddle At A Working Mans Price

Welcome to our website

 "Welcome to our website"

Our site is to help you find the saddle of your dreams,all saddles are custom made just for you.

Wickett and Craig Leather,Herman Oak Leather are our finest leathers to have for a comfert fit just for you.

Your choice's of Stirrups,Conchos,Padded Seats,Slick Seats,Rough -Out Seats.

Our tooling is all handmade by our finest toolers,you desighn your own as you like it.,many tooling desighns to choose from.

     Our saddle maker built saddles for ML.LEDDY before comeing to work for us,we pay him the same price as ML.LEDDY payed him., of course our

MOTO is ''A Rich Mans Saddle For A Working Mans Price.'' We use the Coats Trees we sell our saddles whole sale, we keep our over head as low as

possiable to save you money. You should save $2000.00 or more per saddle.




If you have any questions or if we can help you with priceing., please call us at..903-356-4166


Please make all checks and money orders out to... BISON SADDLES

and mail checks and money orders to... 1843 PR.2290 Quinlan,Texas 75474

to learn more about us...  ''the buffalo whisperer''


get the new RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT! book....

look on pages 46-47 title ''DANCES WITH BUFFALO''.







04/20/2008 00:00


  Our trees are made of... Coats trees and Ritter trees
04/19/2008 18:48

Dances with Buffalo

RC. BRIDGES dances with his pet buffalo ''WILDTHING''          wife...SHERRON BRIDGES loves on her friend.. ''WILDTHING''  
03/07/2008 16:43

Info about Bison Saddles

RC. and Sherron Bridges Cutting Horses 903-356-4166 1843pr.2290 Quinlan,Texas 75474  the buffalowhisperer email..  



1843 pr.2290
Quinlan,Texas 75474


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